A Black Cat and Chowder Day

black-catWe are babysitting a little black cat. A month ago the vet gave her a pedicure and said she was geriatric. Oh. Like me—meaning she wants only to nap and snack. I could work with that.

black-cat-in-cornerShe does odd things (at least I, always a dog-owner) think so. Like doing double summersaults in the air or sitting in the corner—for no reason. I did not send her there!

fireplaceThis afternoon the house seemed too silent. If you’ve had kids you know that feeling. I went looking for her. Wasn’t able to get a photo, but picture the scene.

Our white-rock living-room fireplace; a little black cat clinging to the topmost rocks! At my gasp she turns her head, loses her balance, free falls, bounces off my mother’s antique crystal lamp and lands on her feet.

Rock-climbing? Cat fanciers—is this normal for a geriatric cat? Let me know.

She ran to her bed where she had a slight accident. Fright? To calm us both down I opened a can of salmon and gravy for her, and made soothing clam chowder for our dinner.

clam-chowderThese are my Arabia dishes from Finland. The chowder is definitely from the NW: clams, bacon, potatoes, carrots and milk. What’s your favorite type of seafood chowder?

Well, friends, this was my day. What about yours?
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Thank you for trusting me with just-for-you prayer. So glad our God doesn’t sleep. He’s there anytime.

Meals On A Wing And a Prayer

In The Covered Bet, Diana leads a busy life and several times she can’t think what to cook for dinner. She goes to her pantry and her freezer to see what jumps out at her.

In many years of marriage I’ve done that at least twice a week. Sometimes the jumpers combined in a meal that turned out weird. Usually a casserole with too many veggie leftovers. Once in awhile, it turns out okay.

pantryraid1Above in my current freezer is a package of home-grown green beans and chicken parts I don’t have time to thaw. Besides, we had roast chicken for the last two days.


Here is my current pantry – canned salmon; onions; fresh potatoes, plus. Could make salmon loaf but not enough bread crumbs. Umm—I think I can squeak by with salmon scalloped potatoes, which means the beans can be our veggie and maybe we’ll have a small side salad, if there’s enough lettuce. This is like what my grandmother and my mom often served, not because they were busy at their outside job—they were frugal!

Here’s the easy-peasy recipe for three or four:

1 large & 1 small can salmon
4-5 large potatoes, scrubbed and sliced
1 onion, thinly sliced;
Dash salt
2 T butter
1 1/2 to 2 cups milk;
1 egg
1/4 cup dry bread crumbs

Remove skin and bones (some people like the calcium in the bones) from salmon and break into chunks.

In a well-oiled casserole, layer salmon, onion, potatoes & salt—begin and end w/ potatoes.
Dot with butter; Mix egg and milk & pour over everything—sprinkle crumbs on top.
Bake 375 degrees for 1 hour or until potatoes are done.

What would you have come up with in the same circumstance? What accidental recipe have you concocted that turned out to be a favorite? How about a disaster? :) Comment .to enter drawing for the cookbook of your choice or all three!

Need support prayer? Signal me. Hang on, my friend. Spring’s a-coming.