Finnish Fiction And Facts or How Do You Pronounce Sauna?

Finnish people do not have a sense of humor—a widely assumed thought.

I am half Finnish and know that humor is not the same type as my other part Irish self. It exists as tongue-in-cheek. I posted on Facebook an image of the silly, made-up St. Urho, who allegedly saved Finland’s wine crop.  Uh-oh.. Would my relatives think I made fun of them?

BobbleheadTherefore this blog is dedicated to:
Fact and Fiction Ideas of the Fiercely Independent, Never-Say-Die Suomalainens (Finns)

We are Scandinavians. NOT!  “We” live next to Scandinavia and share some customs, garnered over the years, but Finns are Balkans. A tinge of Turkish might explain their SISU—never give up.  Also, when my mother first visited Hawaii, she was astounded they and Finns shared similar words and “smiley” eyes. Go figure.

Get Our Bearings
Finland is shaped like a summer squash, with the Arctic Circle the stem, Got it?

In Finland, education is # 1 priority. Besides their mother tongue,  children learn two other languages. Older people are encouraged to continue their education as long as they live. My grandmother added to her languages and at her death spoke five.

Outstanding technology achievements.  The world’s biggest catamaran was built there. Nokia, a world leader in communications is based there. The country has a large stake in the Cassini spacecraft. The New Testament was translated into Finnish in the 1500’s.

Correct way to pronounce the Finnish steam bath is “s-ow-na.”

Not everyone runs from the sauna in the altogether. If it’s your family at a private cabin on one of the 187,888 lakes—who cares?  Yes, that number is correct! One lake for every 26 people. Heaven for fishing and family frolic.

Finns are somber.  NOT!  Look at their bold, splashy textiles and pottery. In a winter-dreary climate they go for bright!Textile






Fact?  Fiction?

CastleOlavalinna Castle’s walls, built in the 1400’s, withstood years of cannon volleys, mainly from Russia.  I’ve climbed around the cold stone steps, surrounded by its secret. A young woman, for her own protection from marauding soldiers, was sealed somewhere within the thick walls. She died there and still remains. A small shrubby tree sprouted from that spot in the wall, but was broken off in a storm. Where was the tomb?

In Sisu Mother, my friend, Lempi Kahonen-Wilson, wrote a gripping account of the Winter War in 1939. The Finns refused to allow the Soviets to build military bases on its territory, so were attacked. Lempi and her family fled their Karelian home (near the Russian border.) Survival was hard.  Instead of becoming bitter, Lempi continually smiles in gratitude to God for life. You’ll find most Finns are the same way.

Thank you, God, for the gifts of each culture inside us. Blended together they make us the person we are.

“Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration—what a creation!
You know me inside and out,…..
You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit,”  Psa.139


Do you have more than one heritage? Leave a comment here.  From one unique person to another—let’s learn something about ourselves this week. :)

What’s Ahead For Your Christian Retail?

Want to pay a bunch more for your books?  After March 25 there’s a chance you will.

In two weeks the Supreme Court will hand down a decision that decides if a new government policy will cause businesses to either close or raise costs to you.

Politics is usually not on my list of worthwhile, hopeful blog topics. However when politics shoves in my face and stomps on my toes I’m going to yell “OUCH!”

Christian-Book-SellerYou’ve heard about the current administration policies contending against the Hobby Lobby stores. The administration’s assertion: businesses must offer insurance coverage for their employees’ birth control, which includes the “morning-after” drug.  Doesn’t matter if everyone in the company is over 70 or if owners plus workers are stringently opposed to birth control because of religious convictions.

March 25 the Supreme Court weighs in on the constitutionality of that provision. Before this hearing CBA (Christian retail—aka bookstores) is filing a brief in support of Hobby Lobby and a Mennonite-owned wood manufacturer.  Others in the book industry–  Tyndale House, Deseret Books (Church of Latter-Day Saints,) plus an Orthodox Jewish house— are signing up for the battle.

Hobby Lobby’s defense said, “These abortion-causing drugs go against our faith. Our family is forced to choose between following the laws of the land we love, or keeping our religious beliefs.”

Supreme-CourtIn my opinion, yes, there are positives about people being responsible for buying their own  health insurance (my husband and I have done so for years.) However if the Court denies the bookstores’ petition about this off  beam, illegal requirement, and businesses are forced to absorb these edicts, their only choices will be:  lay off workers, close up shop or raise prices.  Somehow this administration and congress seem to think it’s their money and they are the ones paying for all these ideas.  Actually, we, the taxpayers will be the ones penalized by paying bigger bucks for Good-Night, Moon.

Goodnight-MoonWhat do you think?  Leave your comments.

Join me in praying about this decision and stay tuned for the outcome.

May  God fill this week before Saint Patrick’s day and SPRING with the  enormity of his love for you. He wanted you born for a great  purpose.  See you on the road next week.  :)

Release date July 1, 2014

Release date July 1, 2014