The Covered Bet Guide to Seattle Dining

The greater Seattle area blows me away with the abundance—the profusion of restaurants. Great ones—good ones—okay ones. Truly, only a few where unwashed windows are a turn-off.

Unfortunately I now take our ever-stretching horizon of delightful ethnic, seafood, vegetarian, red-meat, cheese-cake-based adventures for granted, thinking every place in the country has the same selection. Not so. I always return from a trip anywhere grateful for this aspect of the Northwest.

With reservations to all this sumptuousness as close as my cell-phone, where do natives eat? I could name many favorites but you’ll see the Gunns at the following places. As you read you can envision:


Roche-HarborNot in Seattle but Seattle and the Gunns go to the old hotel on the northwest side of San Juan Island. Pan-seared scallops stacked on crispy Dungeness crab risotto cakes OR Flame-grilled Meatloaf with rib-eye, veal and pork, combined with braised vegetables and cream reduction w/ Yukon mashed potatoes, snap peas and carrots. Anyone want to go with me?



Several of these vintage-style drive-ins are now scattered around the neighborhoods. Since the early 1950’s this is the week-end place to compare car engines and exhausts and burn a little rubber. Everything you might order at the window comes disguised as a hamburger, fries and shake. Period. And don’t ask for something added or left off!


Jet-DeckPaine Field pilots hang out here. Week-end warriors do too. Boeing workers hang around to admire their handiwork on the 777 Dreamliners and Dreamlifters. A good place to reminisce or be awestruck by the big, beautiful aircraft of this millennium.


IvarsWhen circling down Seattle’s off-ramps to Alaskan Way you actually can breathe in the salt air and fragrant batter-fried clams, oysters, and salmon from seafood Places. Our family favorite, therefore the Gunn’s favorite place to grab a halibut or mahi taco with pineapple salsa, is Ivar’s on the waterfront. We also go to other Ivars’ around the area but this one is The Covered Bet’s go-to.




Not a Seattle tourist attraction! This empty building could well be the last restaurant the Gunns visit.


 ~~~~~Photos Courtesy of Wikpedia~~~~~

I hope you’ve had fun restaurant-hopping with the Gunn family and me. Have you been to any of these places? Which one looked interesting to you? Let me know by commenting. Well-prepared food with a view makes for a memorable time with friends. I would love for us all to break bread together while we laugh at stories. Perhaps down the road that will happen! In the meantime try to make it happen with those around you. :)
Praying with you,
— Roberta

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The Covered Bet Guide To Seattle

Remember the story about the blind people describing an elephant? None of them were right. Those who have never been to Seattle have the same type answers.

“Seattle is romantic like Sleepless in Seattle.”

“Everyone in The Nights of Our Days and All My Grandkids goes there when they’re written off the shows. Must be like Siberia or something.”


SeattleYou’re looking at Elliott Bay and the Seattle built around it. No one really knows for whom it was named. If your name is Elliott, it may be you! Huge white Alaska cruise ships are a draw—for sailing or oohing and ahhing. Others are drawn to the ”petting zoo” around The Giant Pacific octopus lairs. A little known fact of law is if you are licensed you can catch one octopus a day. Check out their size. Want to wrestle one into the back of your car?

West-SeattleEveryone’s favorite person in The Covered Bet likes to hang out at this West Seattle vantage point for surveying the city and the interesting things going on here.


Seattle docks and the giant cranes poised to pick up train-car containers. Must be easy to hide a body in one?







One-hundred year old Smith Tower—the small one with pointed roof in the foreground—is in the heart of Pioneer Square. Not so long ago the Square was home to Seattle’s red-light district and garish gambling houses. Now…?? Read The Covered Bet.

~~~Photos Courtesy of Wikipedia~~~

Although Seattle contains aspects of everything one might think she is, mainly she’s filled with individuals loved by God but not knowing it. Ninety-six percent (yes, 96) do not go to any church. Chains need to be broken. Bondaged people need to be set free. I pray The Covered Bet be used for that purpose. If you think about our town, please send up a prayer for its deliverance.

Thank you, and I’m praying for YOU.

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