My Seattle That Was

When I first moved from a small town to the largest city in the state I spent leisure hours exploring and trying to keep my stick-shift green Volkswagon “Bug” from dying while waiting for stoplights on the steepest parts of every hill!

A few weeks ago this blog roamed through the Seattle highways and waterways of The Covered Bet. This time take a look at the Seattle I knew—the Seattle that is no more..

First up, my favorite place of all, Frederick & Nelson department store. My dentist was in the adjacent Medical/Dental Bldg. I spent a lot of hours in both!

FredericksThe M/D elevator took me to F&N’s first floor Men’s Store. Many times on emerging, I would spot two of my favorite Seattle people—colleagues, Fred “Downtown” Brown and Donald Earl “Slick” Watts! They also liked to shop!  Remember what they did for a living?

Actually, I spent my time on the basement budget floor where the Paul Bunyan Room offered lunch (if I could chew.)  Do you have any memorabilia from this heaven-on-earth? I still have a green hatbox.

2nd-StoreSpeaking of memorabilia: Every Woolworth’s store I ever saw was on a corner. Ours was on 4th and Pine Streets.  If I didn’t have a dental appointment, I would stop here first for an egg salad on whole wheat and a bit of browsing. Still have jewelry and knick-knacks from there. How about you?

DomeIn March, 1976, we were thrilled to be part of this arena’s opening event—the Billy Graham Crusade!  We returned many times to watch the newly formed Seahawk franchise with Steve Largent, Jim Zorn, Steve Raible,  Ken Hutcherson (who became a beloved pastor.)  What was the name of this place? Can you name other players? Were you there too?

Before a game, our entire family (grandparents too) went to this famous place on 4th Ave. S. for a plate of light-as-a-cloud cannelloni, then walked over to the game. No, the cool car isn’t ours.

GasperettisOccasionally we went to the city for a concert or movie. This theater building and land, aptly named for where it’s located, is owned by the University of Washington, was once a part of the actual campus, and hosted many Broadway Shows and performances through the years.  We were privileged to see Mahalia Jackson, and before they disbanded—The Mills Brothers!

Fifth-AvenueThis Seattle won my heart. I’m grateful I had a chance to be part of it. However, although its way of being (and parking) has changed; though 96% of the people do not now go to any church, God reminds me he loves each of them. Instead of staying away from this new Seattle, maybe I should see it through his eyes.  Something to ponder. How about you? Do you have a city you love?

Please leave a comment with your thoughts—or reminisces.
Praying for you—

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Hospital Window

Hospital-Window1Definitely, thank the good Lord, my husband and I have enjoyed relatively good health. Hospitals have not been in our everyday lives. We never even watched ER or any other hospital dramas.

Zap—this past week—surgical unit show time for my husband. We plodded through the exams, diagnosis, set-up, oops—another ultra-sound, interviews, paper-work, pep-talks, colorful brochures, smiles and pre-op. Finally, our son and I waited. I brought my laptop with the plan of writing a blog to post the next day. Instead we stared at the status screen—the “play-by-plays” as Son put it. Finally hearing “everything went fine,” taking deep breaths, telling God “thank you,” over and over. Doing double-time down the maze of bright hallways behind the gurney to hubby’s new home away from home.

The exhaustion always following long-awaited relief set in. I watched the crowd of medics getting him comfortable, conversing in shorthand with each other. Didn’t once think of writing; didn’t look out the huge window.

Next day he was to be discharged. No need to bring my laptop. Surprise—release delayed til the next day! Nothing to do but look out the window.

Hospital-Window2The sight amazed me. In the distance the freeway curved through peaceful hills. One wouldn’t know two mega cities complete with sirens, horns, and everything to keep 2 police departments scrambling, lay beyond the horizon. A world away.

From this 8th floor world, everything was quiet and calm. An old shopping center spread in the forefront. How excited and happy we all were when it was built. The book signings I enjoyed in the “Promise” bookstore; the clothes I bought at the old Lamont’s; the candy store our then young boys enjoyed. Now it was all but empty—quiet.

This could have been a melancholy scene tinged with sadness for how things used to be, but my God doesn’t live in the past. On our journey home, He works at changing us and that world around the bend. All the while instilling and surrounding us with his quiet, with his peace.

Wishing you smiles today as you picture the lakes, snowy mountains and oceans over the horizon, made with you in mind, and waiting for you to enjoy. Praying for you!

BTW—sorry to be late with the drawing results! Just so’s you know, this is how they are conducted:

Coffee-PotEach entry is written on a slip of paper, folded and placed in this old campfire coffee-pot, tumbled and tumbled 3 more times. My husband or the little girl next door and I pray over the pot. They look the other way, reach in and there you are. God decides—we don’t !

Congratulations to the winner of our 2 Music Trivia Blog comments: VICTORIA AUSTIN !!