How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Have you ever made plans that didn’t turn out? That’s the story of our summer.

GurneyWe began with a proposed trip to Nashville and my uncle’s 100th birthday party. Two hours before we left, this was the scene when we rushed my hubby to ER.

He nicely recovered from surgery, thanks to God answering prayers.


FreewaySo—we planned several other trips to favorite places. They didn’t turn out either. I spent a lot of time gazing out the hospital window at the freeway leading to the ocean—the mountains—asking God which direction we were to go.

An interesting fact: when we stop worrying about the road map we notice where we are!



This was a great year in our yard for the azaleas and rhodies.





At a tea-party with our sweet neighbor girls, I noticed how much they were growing, went home and began praying for them.


This summer I thanked God for actually seeing the miracle of lives change through the Flourish Conference For Women and the Eternity Conference. Heaven certainly is for real!










Our grandson grew before our eyes. He’s now over six feet and learning new life skills every day. It’s been a privilege to begin to see through the eyes of autism.









After the second hospital experience this little girl came to board awhile with us. I think she knew we were dog people but with her hugs, purrs and antics, broadened our scope-although we do sneeze a lot!


In my non-wisdom I would have chosen to continue on our merry way. God, in His wisdom, allowed us to stop turning the wheels and to see where we are—encircled by blessings!

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Flower-BasketPraying for you, my friends. See you next week when we celebrate the September bookstores’ and Nook release of THE COVERED BET.

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Cars – The Covered Bet’s and Mine

In The Covered Bet, Diana rolls around in an old El Camino—you know—the partial pick-up used in Saturday-night rumbles.

El_CaminoAlthough I’ve never had one, I have endured and enjoyed countless other vehicles in my life. When I say “I,” it needs clarification. I did not have a car in high school or college. I used my parents’ Pontiac, walked, took the bus, rode with other kids, and ended up having a most generous guy in my life who let me borrow his nice irons for driving to student teaching. (And other places when he was away at Reserve camp.)

So through the years, each car has been full communal property—sharing and sharing alike. We’ve owned strange types and ones it felt good to drive. Back then our pictures were either Polaroid or snapshots we can’t find. However I will once in awhile drop one in this blog to compare notes. For instance, we had four of these lovies.

BugThe first one was a dark green used “Bug.” I was very large in expecting our first child and while the college man-in-my-life-turned husband was at week-end Reserve, I put the instruction manual beside me and taught myself to drive it. No matter I tried to turn around and got sideways in the street, blocking traffic! After that he showed me how to double-clutch. I actually had fun not letting the engine die when stopped for a red light on Seattle’s steepest hills. My wonderful father-in-law thought it beneficial if we painted our family agency’s name on the sides. After awhile I forgot it was there. Loved that car!

Have you had (or do now) had a “Love-Bug?” Please tell me if you liked or didn’t like it. Any experiences? Leave a comment and be entered in the drawing for a signed copy of newly released THE COVERED BET.

Thank you, my friends for your wonderful support of The Covered Bet and of this blog. I do pray for each of you. We’re together on this journey!  :)


CONGRATULATIONS to Sally Salonen Roach and to Judy Bodmer for winning the books!

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