Friends of The Covered Bet – Coffee and Critiques

hemingwayThe movies show it and perhaps sometimes it did happen.

The author — on a secluded island, writing, writing; and sending off the manuscript to the publisher.

Wow. Perhaps one or two human writers are that good, but authors I know run their manuscript by other writers to get honest feedback. That’s called a critique group, and like the song says – “a good critique group is hard to find….” What’s harder, is finding a good place to meet.

A pre-requisite for a morning group is COFFEE!  A few years ago, in the beginning of The Covered Bet, a group of us met at each other’s homes. That entailed a lot of disrupted spouses not to mention kitchen and bathroom cleaning (besides making coffee.)

lyonsdenSo we went “out” to a local Starbucks or to a table at a supermarket’s deli. Chairs bumped and scraped; crowds dinned–we couldn’t hear ourselves. Move on. Then – The Lyons’ Den, a gourmet coffee-shop, down the street from the UW Bothell satellite, opened for the college-aged to weekly showcase bands. Would we like to meet in their private office/pantry? Yippee!

When the Lyons’ sold the business we were grandfathered in the sale! The new owner inherited a bunch of homeless rag-tag writers who looked at her with sad eyes. She, being a caring soul agreed to the transfer! That’s why I thanked this lady in my acknowledgements. She takes on extra work to create a space for us to read our chapters.

We think she’s the greatest—Please welcome the owner of THE (Husky) DEN

cassandra CASSANDRA

We appreciate Cassandra’s determination to feature fresh, healthy food. Sugar-free—non-gluten pastries and breads (my fave are the yum cheeserolls) display alongside huge frosted sweet rolls and Hawaiian specialty cakes are surrounded by an atmosphere making me smile.

A graphic artist, Cassandra dreamed of owning her own coffee shop. You can see her skill in the decorating and local artwork and crafts—community news — and the ability to hire great baristas.


Try a Pumpkin Spice or Eggnog Latte


Creative breakfast sandwiches-
Seasonal, crisp salads-
Bubble tea or a fruit smoothie?
A light dinner with a glass of wine?

And Plug in your laptop with free Wi-Fi!  Check out their menu at
or call them at 425-892-8954

Our group worried about a home. We prayed. God provided. When the Lyons’ sold the business, sad to say we again were anxious. We prayed. (Have I mentioned this is a praying group?! ) And again, God provided—the best.

We love Cassandra and wish her success way beyond her original dream. Do you know God enjoys doing that for his kids? I’m praying the same for you. Whatever your dreams, God is waiting to present them to you with a lot more sparkle than you imagined!

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Friends of the Covered Bet – Short Story Star

How did you make out when your teacher asked you to write a short story? I had a hard time. “My Summer Picnic.” Hmm. Something in me needed to elaborate. “Aunt Ethel fell in the lake”—or was she pushed? Maybe that wasn’t Aunt Ethel. See what mean?

“Seventeen” Magazine turned down my first try at publication. A bunch more in my filing cabinet tell a silent story about most of my efforts.

That’s why I am in awe of this week’s Friend — a member of my writing group. She not only is one to be counted on when I need prayer; has insightful comments and suggestions; does beautiful nature art for her greeting cards, she is a prolific writer about happenings in her life. You’ve no doubt read something with her name on it. Please meet this person  I’m grateful to have as a friend. Say hello to

kathleenKathleen Kohler

Kathleen Kohler writes stories about the ups and downs of family life for magazines and anthologies.


Plus anthologies! Look for her upcoming story “A Heart Restored” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Forgiveness releasing December 16.

I like listing her publications. She’s so good and I’m proud of her. When you read them you’ll agree.

IN STORES NOW, look for Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Did What? and read her story about what mischief three kids, a new kitten, and a pallet piled high with watermelons make in “Hide and Seek Anyone?”

Kathleen and her husband live in the Pacific Northwest, and have three children and seven grandchildren. When she’s not writing, you can find her in the garden picking flowers and watching the birds, combing the beach for natural treasures, or seated at her art table sketching a new picture and dabbling in her watercolors.

Visit to read more of her articles or find details on the Life Notes page to enter her latest drawing for a chance to win the Chicken Soup for the Soul six-pack.

chickensoupdrawingALSO—DO WE HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU!

I personally think Kathleen’s “Life Notes” page is a clipper and keeper. 1. Check it out. 2. Go to her Life Notes page and enter to win her six pack of Chicken Soup books. 3. Leave your comment here to win a copy of The Covered Bet!

If you are a winner in one or both drawings, you’re set for Christmas!

Regardless, know you ARE a winner. God made you one and whatever the world has done to make you think you’re not — don’t believe it. He chose to be your creator, helper and friend. I choose you too.