Solar-powered Dancing Pilgrims

Turkeys have their place at Thanksgiving—on my plate. They are nice for children to be able to draw simply by outlining their fingers. The word “turkey” is  quicker to say than “the Thanksgiving Day game.” I like turkeys. I’m glad people in power pardon one or two every year.

However, for me, they aren’t Thanksgiving. That’s reserved for some of your ancestors—the Pilgrims. I have a figurine collection of those bravest of the brave—fathers, mothers, children, pregnant women and people passed their prime.

pilgrim1The North Atlantic seas weren’t kind to them. I gaze at my people, picturing the constant, twenty-four-seven throwing up and colds and influenza passed around the small ship. After landing they had to live on the boat. Today the Pac N.W. is cold! Imagine those dear souls, wading back and forth to shore through frigid November water. I love my Pilgrims and would like you to meet my Thanksgiving friends.

My little “Yogi”, above, (though I cannot remember from whence he came,) watch-bears my congregation. Maybe his ancestor did the same in the 1600’s!

pilgrim2Both sets of parishioners were given to me by my friend Audrey. The left-hand ones probably are ceramic but have a porcelain feel and sound. Their friends on the right are ceramic but are finished to look and feel like wood carvings.

pilgrim3Hey, several years back I found these families at my local drugstore! Colorful and jolly.

pilgrim4Long ago, the cute little pair on the left started my collecting and are well-traveled. Wherever we have been at Thanksgiving, they center the table bringing a bit of home. The candles were my mom’s.

pilgrim5Found these two beauties in a Whidbey Island antique shop. They sing Thanksgiving to me – God’s purpose for friendship between His children.

pilgrim6Years ago we waited out the aftermath of the Southeast’s Hurricane Isabel. The first shop to re-open featured decorations of N.C/VA history. The founders at Jamestown went through the same storms.

I’ve probably finished collecting. Pilgrims aren’t plentiful in retail stores. Oh, I did run across the ones below—sold on Amazon for Around $19.00. Solar-powered dancing Pilgrims. Maybe I should join these millenials to their fore”bears”. Think?


Have a peaceful Thanksgiving.
Perhaps you will say this old Moravian prayer:

Come, Lord Jesus, our guest to be
And bless these gifts
Bestowed by Thee.
And bless our loved ones everywhere,
And keep them in Your loving care.
Am praying that for you!
(Congratulations to Tillie Porter–winner of last week’s drawing!)

Book Launch

My neighborhood is awesome! Two of the lovely, busy with families and jobs ladies are throwing a book launch party this week-end for The Covered Bet and me.

robertabooksigningHere I am, waiting to sign the stack of books below.

Stacks of The Covered Bet waiting to be signed

Then I will read from the book, answer questions and give away Covered Bet-related goodies. That’s where YOU come in. I need some ideas!

If YOU were there, drinking tea and munching delicious cookies, what question would you ask me? Can you think of a short section of the book you feel they would enjoy hearing?
If you help me by leaving a comment to my questions, you will be entered in a drawing -just as the neighbors will be – and the drawn name will receive the same free goodies plus one of those signed books.

booksigningtableThank you, my friends. I appreciate you.

Heavenly Father, I am grateful for each person who takes five minutes out of a busy schedule to help me prepare for this event. Please bless each one in ways that surprise and delight them. Amen.

BY THE WAY—my publisher is including The Covered Bet in his
Christmas/Hanukkah eBook gift sale. $1.99 ! Through the month of November.
Get it at Amazon here.

holidayebooksaleAND–:) the winner of TIME OF DRAGON MOON is Judy Bodmer! Congratulations, Judy.