New Beginning

starsEvery new year opens wide for making a fresh start. Re-warming last year’s goals isn’t appetizing. If not accomplished, re-adjust or shelve for better timing. My objective: discern what goals God has for me and get to work.

I’m thinking about how you and I connect. My website needs sprucing—beginning soon, followed by surprises!

Linking with you is important and writing from one perspective isn’t accurate. I have a hubby’s needs and schedule to consider; meals to decide and fix; laundry to do; family plans; a Bible study; etc. etc. Then, I’m a writer. An author’s life, while nowadays overwhelming and frustrating, is hopefully of interest to you who want to publish your work; or who just want to know what it’s like to be one.

My life roles are often in conflict. We all have the same number of hours each day and have to choose carefully what we do with them. With each birthday comes a need for pacing. The decisions are a job for SUPERMAN! (Remember how that used to be said on TV?)


Oops, got the wrong ad!

In my case I hand the one-by-one decisions to my Super GOD. What He impresses on me to do wins out over my desire to add words to my next novel or sometimes going to coffee with friends.

Yep, high on my list is completing the next book in The Gunn series. And I am dedicated to interacting with you. So I add to my goals.

There’s also book promotion. In addition to marketing my published novels I must spend time and energy in advertising and promoting future ones. Goals: Need to contact libraries, reader groups and communities at large.

The starting gun sounded January 1, and I am off and pounding sand. I’ve mostly cleaned out my office to have an uncluttered place to work.


I’m scheduled to speak to book clubs and am working with Barnes & Noble and Christian bookstores for signings. I’m solidly into my next novel. Although a few days ago I realized I need to learn more about a character’s background. Fascinating!

If you’re interested in my role-juggling, or if you just want to know how my books are doing, keep reading my Facebook AUTHOR page where I will put different photos and information than I do on the “friend “ page. Also read this blog. If you have something to say about writing, please leave your thoughts here. You might win a prize from a drawing or a projected surprise.

If you’re an author, my readers will love reading your guest blog. Let me know!

What are YOUR expectations for 2015? What are you requesting God to do? I’ll give prayer support! Happy, happy year to each of you.


The Gate’s Open

January 1, 2015. Cold January’s here with a teeth-chattering wind blowing us through the gate to an entire untouched year.  You and I are the first to step through and see what events transpire. Will they equal or surpass these events of the past? I tried to find positive, uplifting happenings.

paulrevereIn 1735 – Paul Revere, American military officer, was born.

In 1772 – The first traveler’s checks go on sale in London, England.

JohnNewtonIn 1773 – the hymn that became known as “Amazing Grace,” then titled “1 Chronicles 17:16–17,” is first used to accompany a sermon led by John Newton.

In 1776 –  during the American Revolutionary War, Norfolk, VA was burned.

In 1847 the world’s first “Mercy” Hospital was founded in Pittsburg by the Sisters of Mercy. The name went on to grace over 30 major hospitals throughout the world.

In 1808 – the importation of slaves to the United States is banned.

Building a float

Building a float

In 1890 – The Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA was first held.

ellisislandIn 1892 – Ellis Island opened to process immigrants into the United States.

In 1902 – the first American college football bowl between Michigan and Stanford, was held in Pasadena, California.

In 1932 – Alcatraz Island became a United States federal prison.

We’ve emerged from a year-long tunnel. Sometimes skylights let in sun and fun—other times may have been dark and claustrophobic.  When we reached December’s last day, can you imagine hitting a solid wall?  But look—there’s a gate—and it’s open to a new world—to a new start—perhaps to a new destination.  We’re stepping out in faith, holding hands with our heavenly Father.

Happy, Happy Year!