A Black Cat and Chowder Day

black-catWe are babysitting a little black cat. A month ago the vet gave her a pedicure and said she was geriatric. Oh. Like me—meaning she wants only to nap and snack. I could work with that.

black-cat-in-cornerShe does odd things (at least I, always a dog-owner) think so. Like doing double summersaults in the air or sitting in the corner—for no reason. I did not send her there!

fireplaceThis afternoon the house seemed too silent. If you’ve had kids you know that feeling. I went looking for her. Wasn’t able to get a photo, but picture the scene.

Our white-rock living-room fireplace; a little black cat clinging to the topmost rocks! At my gasp she turns her head, loses her balance, free falls, bounces off my mother’s antique crystal lamp and lands on her feet.

Rock-climbing? Cat fanciers—is this normal for a geriatric cat? Let me know.

She ran to her bed where she had a slight accident. Fright? To calm us both down I opened a can of salmon and gravy for her, and made soothing clam chowder for our dinner.

clam-chowderThese are my Arabia dishes from Finland. The chowder is definitely from the NW: clams, bacon, potatoes, carrots and milk. What’s your favorite type of seafood chowder?

Well, friends, this was my day. What about yours?
Click “comment” and let me know.

Thank you for trusting me with just-for-you prayer. So glad our God doesn’t sleep. He’s there anytime.

7 thoughts on “A Black Cat and Chowder Day

  1. Roberta, your chowder looks delicious. Perfect for a dreary Northwest afternoon!
    Cat antics are cute, but as John Wayne said in the original True Grit, “Cats don’t belong to nobody.” In other words, cats do what they want, where as dogs are most content by our side.

  2. My favorite is clam chowder, but I also put celery and onions in it.
    Not being a cat lover, I couldn’t give any advice too you about his behavior.
    I don’t baby sit cats or dogs! We haven’t had a cat or dog since the kids grew up!

    • Ella May, I do add minced onion, but have not tried celery which would add a bit of crunch. Will do that. LOL I sure LOL, Ella May, I’m with you about not understanding cats AND not having pets since the kids grown. With our son’s very tender heart, we had every animal he thought looked lonely. We thought that was over. Never say never! :D

  3. That sounds like one bored kitty you have there! Ours does weird things like that when he gets bored. Give the kitty some extra TLC and he’ll thank you by doing something else strange! :-)

    • Lol Tillie—you are so right! On the Dr’s advice we keep her out of certain areas of the house and we now see she has to use up her curiosity/exploring factors some way. (She is staying away from the fireplace!!) Thanks for your wisdom. :)—roberta

  4. There is an older gentleman I often see at the post office . We always exchange pleasantries . When I ask him how he’s doing , he replies “It’s a good day. I got up on the right side of the grass.” It’s a great attitude and one I try to maintain, even on the worst days.

    (And try adding a half tsp. of curry to your chowder recipe. Yummy!)

    • Lisa-Ann, that man is right! Thank you for passing along his comment. Thanks also for the curry tip. I love curry and will try it on our leftover chowder. –roberta

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