Heart-shaped Memories

valentine1Do you have valentines from your mother’s or grandmother’s era? You know,–flouncy, puffy, honey-combed ? It wouldn’t have surprised me if Diana Gunn’s grandma, in The Covered Bet, had put one or two between the pages of the special book.

Nowadays the intricate, special touches would make each card too expensive to buy for a school class! Lately, I received a box of those old lovelies from someone trying to downsize (as I’m supposed to be doing!) They made me curious how expensive these old beauties are today, so I went to the expert — E-Bay!

valentine2Bottom line in my findings: They are worth having.

The priciest, fold-out, die-cuts sell for $8.00 to $25.00 and up. Not having faded honey-combs add value.


The gorgeous, strand-up die-cut on the left would be snapped up at $25.00.

The on one the right has a faded top so would be a bit less, but is still a pretty table-top ornament.

I love valentines. They’re pretty, intriguing, can be funny. Reminds me of God’s valentines to us – the words in the Bible. They all come down to the phrase — “I love you! Will you be my valentine?”

valentine5Do you display your old valentines? Comment on one you inherited or bought in an antique shop. Your name will be added to the drawing for these two vintage die-cut, fold out valentines.


2 thoughts on “Heart-shaped Memories

  1. I am waiting for the next book in your series! Hurry up!
    Those valentines are beautiful! Somebody’s precious keepsakes. I know, we all need to downsize at our age, but it is hard to give up some precious items.

    • Ella May, I so agree with you about giving up sentimental or beautiful things, which is why I have my critiue group praying that I have courage to give-up things so I have more room to write! :)

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