I’m glad you stopped by my blog!

This is where we get to know each other —

♦  Through my personal stories-

      I don’t tell it like I see it, but talk over

with you how through the years God

changed my vision!


♦   Read experiences of other authors.

Wonderful writers you know who

have heart-grabbing stories.


♦   Down the road I want to hear YOUR story.

That’s what friends do. I believe Winnie-

The-Pooh said that.


♦   Together, we’ll glean the beauty of words,

and, if you’re interested, work together on

how to create them.


♦    I’m sure it was Pooh-Bear who said friends

give presents. Yes, I’m quite sure he did,

so seasonally and possibly in-between, expect

to take part in a present party!


You and I, linking arms as we hitch our way home, will open up to God’s view of us.  Wow! We’ll come across HOPE!  Not bad at all.

11 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I love reading your blog. I feel as though I’m along for the ride with you. The stories are fantastic and lots of fun. I’d love to be a lucky recipient of your Ireland prize package.

    • Donna, thank you very much for your kind words. Am so glad you’re enjoying these trips! ave you visited any of these places? I wish–wish you could be a recipient of the Ireland packasge–however that drawing was some time ago with a winner. However—the fun is about to begin with more contests and drawings, so please keep watching. :) –roberta

  2. Wish I could have been closer so we could have attended the conference. The movie, Heaven is for Real, was probably the best movie ever for both of us. For us knowing that God’s word is faithful and his promise that we will see loved ones once again is reassuring, but the reality of this movie gives an almost tangible of his promises. I love being here with my family, but if I was to go it would be OK too. For those who have never accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, I pray they do so they too can know what he has in store for us!

    • Susie, You know what you’re talking about! You have a dear son anticipating seeing you again. I can’t begin to say how beautiful and powerful are your words to many hearts! Like Colton Burpos’ sister was so thrilled to see her little bro, so will your dear son hug you! You’re right—the only requisite is accepting God’s invitation. If only people would let down the barriers they’ve set up. (I will check to see if it’s still possible to watch the video of the speakers on Evergreen Community Church’s stream.) Thank you for commenting! :)

      • Susie and others, To hear/watch the Eternity Conference speakers: On FaceBook you go to: EVERGREEN COMMUNITY CHURCH-BOTHELL. (it’s open to everyone.) Then—scroll down to JUNE 8, —-CLICK ON to ETERNITY–WATCH ALL SESSIONS FREE. That should click on to Cheryl McVey, which goes into Don Piper, which goes into Colton Burpo. Let me know if you didn’t get that to work. :)

  3. When i get to read your blog I feel closer to you. I love the stories and shared comments. Love you Miss Peggy. <3

    • Oh, Ella May, I’m so glad you enjoyed that! Thank you for commenting. I am so blessed to have been reared with both Finnish and down South cultures (inc. food!) Makes me interested in everyone’s heritage! :)

  4. I enjoyed your blog. It is probably the best on the internet, very meaningful. I came upon this at a good time. We have been having a lot of difficulties within the family and I alone have been trying to solve them. It must be the Finn in me. Finally my ganddaughters have stepped in to solve some of them. I recognize most of the info you gave but look forward to more. Have you contacted the Gretzners? I have been involved too with the 777 and now the mud slide. There are so many disasters lately the maybe we will take that flight sooner than we thought. Hope your day is good as it is beautiful and thank you for being there.

    • Eunice, I am so sorry to hasve not replied sooner. In fact, I’d call it a miracle I found your post. Have another blog waiting in the wings and figured no one else would comment on this one. On a chance, just before the other one is downloaded, I decided to make a last check. Thank you for your kind words about the blog—I don’t feel I’m very good at it unless writing about something I enjoy! Am so very sorry you are going through all the stress of family problems. As mothers (and Finns) we do take it on ourselves to solve things! When we can’t, I, at least, have problems with my own fragility. That’s where I yell “Help, God!” andr doggone it, He hears and in his own way gets my head turned around straight and sends peace that I can’t even understand. At that point I can tell him either how angry I am with what I think he should have done, or how much I am in turmoil with everything going on—then I ask Him to take over and that I’ll put the whole blooming mess in his hands! I’m done! He can have it! Eunice, I’m laying it out pretty strong because I’ve been there so many times! Heart breaking—can hardly function. It isn’t magic He just loves you and me and is capable of doing what we can’t—so—miracles start happening–first in me, then in people around. Wish we lived closer together—but know I will be praying that peace and good stuff happening in you–also that you look around and find a friendly, understanding church for support. We don’t think we need it until after we’ve experienced what that’s like–people who care. Kylla, tytta (hope that’s correct :/ ) we’re blessed to be Finn–and I feel blessed to have you as a friend. A hug from me, Roberta (peg) p.s. Haven’t talked to Jeanette for awhile–she’s on my to-do list.)

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