Where Do I Lay Me Down to Sleep?


8mmLong about the Middle Ages, eight-millimeter film – the first home movies – came into being. Do you remember?

I inherited miles of footage from my parents and more miles from my uncle and aunt and procrastinated about making decisions What to do with the jumpy, blurry scenes of precious people and places?

Aha! That’s why God gives us children! Our second son, inclined to save stuff because he has a tender, sentimental heart, has grown into a man of practical wisdom. This last week he spent a couple of days with us. His dad and I persuaded him how fun it would be to sit for hours making decisions. It didn’t take long after pictures like this of “Little Roberta in front of this house and that house,” to realize how many dwelling places I’ve had in my life!

That night I found it hard to get to sleep because I counted and counted. Considering a “place” as somewhere I received mail, I counted nineteen places where I’ve laid me down my head.

Children of the Military know the moving van drill and being the new kid in class – often in the middle of the year. Others have moved with parents’ jobs – like me. There are lots of reasons people go from this apartment to that house or to someone else’s “places.” Does that describe you? Or have you known one or two “abodes?”

My friends who lived in the same house most of their lives projected a feeling of stability which spoke volumes to me.

houseYet, during that night when I counted places instead of sheep, I realized I am the person I am because of the many moves. It’s easy to put myself in the shoes of someone who feels lonely; of someone who doesn’t quite “belong.” Without knowing it, every time I walked into a new classroom or tried to pick up with friends I had left two years before, growth was added to my dimensions.

How about you? I would be interested in hearing if you have a travelogue to look back on or if you had a life like the house above – sturdy, everlasting and projecting Thanksgiving and Christmas images. Count your “places” and leave a quick comment. You may help me write another book!

Dear God you were there with each of us in the places we lived. You knew our thoughts and heard us when we called. Thank you for what you did with those places in our lives—to bring us to now.


Last week’s winner is DK Stevens. Congratulations!

4 thoughts on “Where Do I Lay Me Down to Sleep?

  1. Thank you for the books, I’m looking forward to reading them :)
    After marrying I think we have moved a dozen times, although I lived in the same house through my childhood for 18 years so I understand what you are saying completely. Been at this location for 6 years now & hope it’s the last move.. :)

    • Hi, DK–sounds like you had a background that knows how to make a house a home. :) After six years, you’re probably on your way to collecting stuff that anchors one to a house! :D Thanks for the comment.–roberta-

  2. I thought I moved a lot–after I married–but compared to you I’m a home body. I’ve been in my current home for 36 years.

    • Judy, am I glad you’ve been here for that time! Being in one house gives comfort, but boy does one have freedom to collect stuff! lol

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