The Covered Bet

The Covered Bet by Roberta Kehle

Release Date: July 1, 2014

Publisher: Koehler Books

Synopsis: After her husband trashes their marriage, Seattle air-charter pilot Diana Gunn needs courage. While their lives are under serious re-construction, they support a teenage grandson abandoned by both his mom and their gambling-addicted son who, at thirty-nine, still has a death-grip on the family. Diana is desperate for her splintered family to be made whole again.

The son, trying to compensate for a lifetime of being a lousy dad, wins a car in a blackjack game, and gives it to grandson Kaleb, destroying Diana’s efforts as well as introducing him to the glamor of gambling and the killing world of organized crime. The Syndicate needs the family to disappear and puts out a hit on them all. A friend is murdered, and Diana’s plane is ripped by bullets from a fishing boat.

After their son and grandson disappear, Diana and her husband enlist the help of a friend, a Fijian Seattle police officer with unique abilities who travels across time and space. In the ghostly, rat-infested caverns beneath Seattle’s streets, the father and son, trapped together, discover treacherous secrets. Will they die before being able to reveal them? Diana prepares to give her life for her sons, but will that be enough to heal and reclaim her family?

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70x7 and Beyond

70x7 and Beyond by Monty Christensen with Roberta Lunsford Kehle

Published: February 1988

Publisher: Prison Impact Ministries

Synopsis: A story of Monty and Holly, two people on the fringe of society, wishing they were inside the circle. It is a story about love, and pain, and forgiveness. Those who read the book will never be the same.

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The Blooming of the Flame Tree

The Blooming of the Flame Tree by Roberta Kehle

Published: February 1983

Publisher: Good News Pub

Synopsis: The story of a Laotian boy who is forced to flee his homeland and find a new home in America.


Escape by Roberta Kehle

Published: Republished in the United Kingdon, May, 1984

Publisher: Lion Hudson Plc